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Installation Information




Allied Window, Inc. (Allied) warrants the Allied Manufactured Products to be free of defects in material and workmanship, excepting broken glass that appear within five (5) years. Warranty for standard paint finish is five (5) years. Warranty for custom color finishes is five (5) years.

Allied’s obligation under this warranty or under any implied warranty is limited to furnishing, free of charge, the repair or replacement of any part or parts of the windows that do not comply with the terms of this warranty. Allied will not be responsible for any costs incurred in making replacements under this warranty, including but not limited to, costs of removal, installation or reinstallation of any defect, transportation costs, malfunction, or failure to perform reasonable and necessary maintenance or improper application. This warranty does not apply to any window, which has been subject to accident, acts of God, fire, flood, abuse or misuse, nor does it apply to products installed outside of the United States or installed in ships and vehicles. Allied Window bears no responsibility or liability for any situation where molds or other infectious conditions arise as a result of improper use, cleaning, sealing, humidification or ventilation. Allied makes no other expressed or implied representation of any kind regarding the product, whether as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or use, or any other matter.


Our primary glass (DSB) is no less than 21% post-consumer recycled material that comes from no less than 345 miles from our Supplier. Our aluminum is 75% recycled overall, 56% post-consumer recycled. 95% of that content comes from the USA. The balance come from other North America sources.

>> Guardian Scrap letter (PDF)

>> altec scrap letter (PDF)

>> LEEDS Certificate Letter (PDF)

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