The Residences at 1717

As urban areas across America change and shift, usage of many buildings has had to adjust to accommodate a new influx of city dwellers. Various types of commercial and industrial buildings, no longer viable for their intended application are being converted to modern residential spaces. The project highlighted here is an example of a major conversion that we helped to complete in Cleveland, Ohio.

Residences at 1717 - Exterior - 7

The Residence 1717, is a 21-story office tower in downtown Cleveland. Overlooking Cleveland Stadium and Lake Erie, it is a prime example an office building that has converted to luxury apartments. To adapt the windows to high-end residential standards we had to develop a solution that would address a number of critical issues.

Since this was to be a luxury residential project, noise reduction was very important. The windows also have to deliver significant energy savings and be designed so that condensation would not build up between the windows panes.

We engineered a solution that included the use of our Monumental Magnetic One Lite (MMOL), which was specially designed to fit each of the (1,816) windows which were 53” by 73”. They featured a firmly fixed but removable design with a durable clear anodized finish that matched the existing curtain wall.

MMOL w Vertical Tube Mull (Butt to Tube) - The Residences at 1717 - Old East OH Gas Bldg - Interior - Cleveland, OH

These windows also utilized a cutting-edge ¼” thick, glazed Low-E laminated glass, which is engineered to provide maximum energy efficiency and UV screening. It also addressed the sound reduction requirement. As with any project this size, the customer wanted to compare competing products before committing to one vendor. After rigorous testing, we won the contract hands down.

During the installation phase, we provided a very accommodating floor by floor schedule to ensure the site crews always had product on hand when they needed it. Again, like so many of our projects, the customer was very pleased with our work, our product, and our prices.

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MMOL w Vertical Tube Mull (Butt to Tube) - Residences at 1717 - Interior Corner - Cleveland, OH

MMOL w Vertical Tube Mull (Butt to Tube) - The Residences at 1717 - East OH Gas Bldg - Cleveland, OH

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The Residences at 1717

Project Name & Description

The Residences at 1717

  • Conversion of a 21-story office building converted to luxury apartments
  • Overlooking the Cleveland Stadiums and Lake Erie.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Specially designed Monumental Magnetic One Lites (MMOL) on interior.
Glazing used was (¼”) Low-E laminated glass for maximum energy savings, as well as sound reduction and UV screening.

Overall Part Dimensions

(1816) units approx. 53” x 73” inches

Material Used and Finish

  • Clear Anodized (satin aluminum) finish to match existing curtainwall system.
  • Aluminum Extrusions

Industry for Use

Luxury Apartments


Cleveland, OH

Standards Met

Customer’s and Architect’s specification