Yale and Princeton University Historic Buildings

One thing that Ivy League schools such as Yale and Princeton have in common is windows. This project is an example of how we were able to apply our years of experience, and further prove why we are considered the most capable storm window company in the industry. Although these schools are rivals, they share similar architectural styles. This project involves upgrading a number of buildings, which were a combination of old and new structures including dormitories, and historic lecture halls. In fact, Albert Einstein once taught in one these halls.

D-47 - Insulating Glass Panel (Left Side) & Built Out Hinged Box Screen w Insulating Glass Panel (Right Side) - Yale UniversityCustom Model - Built-Out Hinged Box Screen - Custom Color - Yale-Branford College - New Haven, CT

The original windows utilized steel frames and leaded glass. The schools needed a more modern storm window that would provide enhanced energy efficiency and security, while still maintaining a low profile and an unobtrusive appearance. Through an involved design process, we developed cutting edge products that utilized highly robust tempered glass with UV reduction features, custom color frames, and special panels that perfectly matched the original look. This was a complex project that included 12,000 storm windows, 8,000 special screens, and 3,600 box screens that can utilize a stainless steel security mesh. The design was custom to this application and fabricated completely in-house. Our modern facility is equipped with a wide range of fabrication systems, each operated by our staff of skilled professionals. This includes highly precise bending machines which allow for the fabrication of complex shapes. We also have the capability to apply controlled heat to facilitate tight precision bends.

In the end, the customer was very pleased with our workmanship, and the quality of the finished job. For more information, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Yale University - Saybrok-Branford College - New Haven, CT

D47 - Yale University - Linsley-Chittenden Hall - New Haven, CT

Custom Model - Yale University - Davenport College - New Haven, CT

For information about this project, or the processes used to complete it, contact us directly.

Yale & Princeton Historic Buildings

Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Invisible Storm Window Designs
  • Custom Colors
  • UV Protection
  • Energy Saving
  • Special One-Time Design unique to Yale and Princeton. Custom product that became a standard for the two universities.

Equipment Used to Manufacture

  • Bending machine for special shapes
  • Heated sections for very tight bends

Material Used

  • Custom Color products
  • Stainless steel security mesh
  • Aluminum extrusions


  • Approx. (12,000) storm windows
  • Approx. (8,000) special screens, including (3,600) box screens


  • Energy Saving
  • Insect and bird free interiors
  • Ventilation with box screens

Industry for Use

Residential, Office, Government Buildings

Industry Standards

Customer Specifications