Government Buildings

When it comes to storm window installations for U.S. Government buildings, no other manufacturer can match the expertise, and experience of Allied Window. Our leadership role in the industry comes from a history of providing quality and value that dates back to 1950. Part of this is due to our work on government buildings that include several governor’s mansions and hundreds of courthouses from Maine to New Mexico. Architects assigned to government building projects across the United States have put their trust in our ability to meet all of their design and budgetary criteria. Our custom invisible storm windows are designed to optimize aesthetics, deliver robust performance, and facilitate a high degree of energy efficiency.

Internal Revenue Service - Washington, D.C. - MOL, MOL-OP & MOL-ST

Byron White Courthouse - Denver, CO - MMOL, MAOL-A, D-48

We specialize in accommodating requirements such as very large openings, special or unique shapes, precise matching of custom colors, and we can accommodate virtually any type security concern. We are also experts in historical preservation and have worked on countless projects with critical requirements due to the buildings historical value.

All of our storm windows are custom designed and fabricated to exactly meet the dimensions of the original structure. This ensures that the new storm window will merge seamlessly with the existing window opening.

All of our products use only the highest quality materials for construction, from high strength aluminum, and high quality laminated and tempered glass, to Kynar-equivalent finishes.

One of the biggest advantages of working with our team is that all windows are designed and fabricated in-house by our staff of industry professionals. This level of control allows for responsive customer service and a level of customization that is unmatched in the industry.

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Government Buildings: Federal, state, county, and city buildings.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Large Openings
  • Unique Shapes
  • Custom Colors
  • Security Issues
  • Historic Preservation Criteria

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

  • Bending machine for special shapes
  • Heated sections for very tight bends

Material Used

  • Monumental product designs for large units
  • Laminated and Tempered Glass
  • Aluminum Extrusions

Material Finish

Kynar-Equivalent Finishes

Industry for Use

Residential, Office, Government Buildings


From Washington State to Maine to Texas to New Mexico and Hawaii.

Standards Met

Customer’s and Architect’s Specifications