A National Historic Landmark

MuseumsCincinnati Union Terminal has remained part of Cincinnati’s heritage since 1933. First a train station, then a war zone with 3 million service men & women coming through its doors in the 1940’s…then a Shopping Mall…and finally its purpose was redefined as a Museum Center. Its fate has not always been safe. With much hard work, determination and faith the dreamers, visionaries and do-ers of a dedicated Greater Cincinnati community have restored the depot of memories and history. In a $228 million renovation; architects, general contractor, builders, men and women of all trades were chosen for the task of restoring and preserving the Queen City’s Union Terminal – the results…a Grand Restoration to recreate Union Terminal’s original look. Allied Window, Inc was chosen to design, manufacture and install the storm windows.


MMOL-ST - Cincinnati Union Terminal – Cincinnati, OH

The building was built in 1933. Measuring and fabrication was challenged by many large and out of square openings – the tallest at 5’ x 21’. In addition, the protruding historic operable hardware that extended out to sloped terra cotta tiled sills created the challenge of determining the placement of the storm panels for appearance and maximum performance.


MOL - Cincinnati Union Terminal – Cincinnati, OH

The original windows utilized steel frames. The museum needed a more modern storm window that would provide enhanced energy efficiency and security, while still maintaining a low profile and an unobtrusive appearance. Through an involved design process, we developed cutting edge products that utilized tempered glass with UV reduction features, clear anodized frames, and special panels that matched the sightlines of the existing prime windows.

An extension of like-material was added to create what appeared to be the ‘original sill’. The extended sill allowed for the installation of the storm panels bypassing the existing operable hardware.

The design was custom to this application and fabricated completely in-house. Storm models used were:
MMOL-ST - Cincinnati Union Terminal – Cincinnati, OH

This was a complex project that included 562 storm panels in 277 openings.

All of these challenges are routine in the custom & historic work that we do. We work with architects, designers, contractors, our industry peers and clients in adapting to what is there, addressing the needs and creating a custom storm window that virtually disappears into the opening.
MMOL-ST - Cincinnati Union Terminal – Cincinnati, OH

The Cincinnati Union Terminal project was particularly meaningful to us, as it is and will continue to be, an iconic building rich in Cincinnati’s history, tradition and heritage.

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