Green is Gold

Storm Windows Present an Environmental “Golden Opportunity”

  • Reduce heating and cooling energy losses through windows by about 50%
  • Increased comfort level throughout the building…ease off on the thermostat !
  • Opportunities for increased solar control
  • Reduce the pollutants involved in energy consumption
  • Reduce energy and materials required, -compared to replacement windows
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate damage from condensation
  • Prolong life of existing windows
  • Eliminate old windows going to land fills
  • Increase viability of older structures, -to attain new life and avoid demolition

LEED-EB Program

Allied Window strongly supports green efforts and the LEED-EB Program. Secondary glazing , -or storm windows, can add valuable points to a renovated buildings’ score

We have worked on a number of LEED projects, and the reference data for the typical materials used in our storm windows is available below.

PPG Leeds
X -LEED – Aluminum LEED & MSDS Info.compressed
X -LEED – Foam Tape LEED & MSDS Info.compressed
X -LEED – Guardian Glass LEED & MSDS Info.compressed
X -LEED – Spline LEED & MSDS Info.compressed

Our capabilities exceed what we can show you on our website.