Sound Reduction

Sound ReductionSound reduction is the major “unexpected” benefit after installation of our storm windows. Many people are surprised at the dramatic reduction in outside noise.

Certain glazing materials provide superior sound reduction characteristics. The most popular of these is laminated glass, which has a PVB inter layer between two pieces of glass.

There are several methods for measuring sound characteristics, the most common of which is a Sound Transmission Class or “STC” rating. Our storm windows (with 3/16″ laminated glass) have been field tested on several projects, and were found to meet the stated criteria for that project.

See” STC Ratings for Storm Windows.

UV Protection

UV Protection - D-48 - 1/4 Inch Laminated Glass - Standard Color - Special Shape- Baltimore Museum of Art - Baltimore, MDMany people think that UV exposure is the reason that fabrics fade. Actually, UV light is only about 40% of what cause fading. See UV Fading Facts.

Nonetheless, UV light is still the major reason for fading of fabrics and damage to other valuable materials.

Certain glazing materials when used in our storm windows can provide up to 99% protection from some or all of the UV light. Typical alternatives are shown in UV Glazing Options. In our experience 3/16” laminated glass, UV filtering acrylic, and polycarbonate are the most popular glazing materials for this purpose. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Our capabilities exceed what we can show you on our website.