Mozer Works Inc.

The teams at Allied Window Inc. and Mozer Works have years of experience working with historic homes and structures. When the owners of a historic brownstone called upon Allied Window to create custom storm windows for their home, they were referred to Mozer Works, Inc., Allied’s dealer in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area. The challenges of this particular home gave us the chance to put our abilities to the test.

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This beautiful structure, only six blocks away from our nation’s capital, was in need of (after restoration) nine bowed storm windows and a pair of regular ones. These would protect the beautiful historic windows, enhance the aesthetic charm of this historic building, and provide much needed energy efficiency. The new owners had previously worked with Allied Window on a Delaware residence and had been impressed with the high quality of their products; they were completely confident that Allied Window could provide a team and product to solve this structural challenge.

Mozer Works found that the original storm windows had frames built out to accommodate a non-curved triple track storm window made with plexiglass that clouded up and broke after years of adverse weather conditions. The capability of manufacturing this curved shape is quite difficult for most and is usually avoided by other competitors. With close supervision from Allied Window and very precise attention to detail and measuring by Mozer, templates were made for each opening. Allied made custom colored storm windows and screens so they matched these bowed openings and virtually disappeared when installed over the prime western style casings.

Mozer Works completed this project within 14 to 16 weeks. The customers were extremely pleased with the restoration by Mozer Works and equally pleased with the custom products manufactured by Allied Window Inc.—and very relieved, since the previous storm windows in this building had failed.

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