ExtrusionsAllied Window takes great pride in its ability to manufacture very large storm windows. That capability is the result of our utilization of heavy-duty extrusions, with a lot of aluminum in them — in designs that can deal with added weight.

This capability allows us to avoid the addition of any “new sight lines” to your storm windows — that are not in your existing windows.

We never utilize any “rolled aluminum” sections in our products. Additionally, we use only solid extruded corners for our glass and screen panels and master frames.

Allied Window uses only extrusions that meet industry standards for the manufacture of aluminum windows. They meet the following specification:

“Aluminum 6063-T5 alloy and temper with minimum strength of 22,000 psi (152 MPa) and a yield strength of 16,000 psi (110 MPa).”

All extrusions are stocked in each of our standard colors — as well as in a Class 1 clear anodized finish.

Extrusions – Glass, Screen, Accessory Details

Modified H-Mull Alternatives Details

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