Between-Window Blinds (Commercial Only)

Between Glass BlindsLight control is a vital factor in commercial buildings. Beyond the visual comfort of the building tenants, there are issues of cooling costs, heating costs, UV damage and the temperature comfort of the tenants.

The good news is that 1″ or 5/8″ mini-blinds are available from Allied Window in a system that incorporates them into our interior storm window installation. These “between-window” blinds can be tilted using a remote control knob, while the blinds are protected from dirt and damage. They are accessible by simply removing the storm window panel. See Magnetic One Lite with Mini-Blind.

We have selected Window Accessory Company, Inc. (WACI), as our blind supplier. They are the leading between-glass blind source in the window industry. They offer both a standard and custom line of blinds and hardware. Their blinds are available in either 1″ or 5/8″ width slats for a wide variety of window designs. Blinds are offered in 16 standard colors. Custom colors are available. In addition, WACI offers 16 standard tilt control options, as well as specialty hardware. Every blind is custom manufactured to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Magnetic One Lite (MOL) with Mini-Blind (Between Window)

M-9a MOL with Blinds 2
M-9a CAD Details

Our capabilities exceed what we can show you on our website.