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Aluminum Storm Window Advantages

The energy saving benefits of aluminum storm windows, or secondary glazing, have been well known for many years. Normally, the energy reductions will re-pay the cost of the storm windows in (3-6) years. Other major benefits of aluminum storm windows are sometimes free, -but always important. These include sound reduction, UV reduction, increased comfort, reduced condensation, sun control, sash protection and security.


  • Energy Saving Windows

    The most frequent reason for the addition of interior or exterior storm windows is Energy Conservation and the resulting reduction of heating and cooling costs.

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  • Sound Reduction

    One of the single most unexpected advantages to storm windows is the dramatic reduction in sound. This is achieved, simply, because an air gap has been created between the existing window and our storm window. By using different glazing options, our storm windows can be used solely for Sound Reduction.

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  • UV Reduction

    The single largest factor of fabric fading and other material damage is Ultra-Violet (UV) light. It is the cause of up to 40% of this damage. Fortunately, UV can be reduced as much as 99% by using selected glazing options.

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  • Protective Glazing (commercial only)

    Many historical buildings just want to protect their windows. Between flying storm debris and vandalism, windows have an inherent risk for damage. The mere presence of an exterior storm window provides protection to the sash, paint finish and historic glass. By using different glazing options, the protection can increase exponentially.

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  • Stained Glass Protection

    Stained glass windows are the most difficult windows to protect while maintaining the beauty they were designed for. We have the ability to vent our storm windows to prevent heat damage, which is a common problem with most storms. Since the frames are vented, your glazing options are unlimited. With our standard colors, custom colors, and professional bending department, our storms will be virtually invisible, allowing the stained glass to be the focus.

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  • Sash Protection

    No matter what your reason is for buying exterior storm windows, sash protection is the number one unexpected advantage.

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  • Heat Gain

    Our storm windows provide opportunities to reduce the solar heat gain through the use of low-e glass, tinted glass and between-window blinds.

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  • Condensation Reduction

    One of the most welcome benefits of storm windows is the reduction and perhaps elimination of condensation on the interior of the existing window. Any water or ice build up is certain to cause damage to walls, sills, and to the windows themselves.

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